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June 3, 2011
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Other Days pg.116 END by elizarush Other Days pg.116 END by elizarush
ObitoxKakashi Doujinshi "Other Days" Chapter 9: Disclosed Dream pg.14. THE END.


Waaaa…it ended!TT3TT Thank you very much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the story and the artwork was interesting to look at. Thanks for everyone who faved the pages and even more thanks for people who commented on most (or all!) pages.*bows* I really appreciate your support.

Myself, I’m satisfied with the story and the ending.^^ I’m content with all the pages and think that I couldn’t have done the project any better than this. I changed the storyline a lot in the end because I wanted to avoid clichés and too sappy endings but like I said, I think it’s good like this. It (hopefully) leaves the reader satisfied but still gives a chance for a sequel.

Speaking of which…I’m already planning continuation for this story.^^; I’ve written the new script quite a lot actually, but there’s another project I want to make before that, and I’d also like finish StOve at some point>_> For more information about that, see my journal.

Reviewers, notice this!
I hope you guys could leave a critique if you’re able to, considering the whole Doujinshi of course – the plot, artwork and maybe what kind of feelings and thoughts the story awakened in you. I left the "please don't nag about these irrelevant stuff" things out because everyone ignored it…=u=U
Also, if you write a long review, please read the whole comic once through to get a proper hold of it.^^ That’s all.
If you’re not able to write a dA Critique you can simply make a long rant comment, I’m not too picky about those. Feedback is welcome in all ways, nevertheless.
This comic is pretty old by now (I finished it three years ago) so I've improved so much that it's kind of useless to leave any constructive criticism… But I always read comments so if you liked the story or ObiKaka anyway, please feel free to express your feelings. =)

Thanks once more! Hopefully you had fun and are gonna read more of my stuff later on.:heart:

Read again? Page 1:…
The story continues in blog! Ask-ObiKaka in tumblr

Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto
story & art (c) elizarush [me]
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Well im just a small noob when it comes to something like thsi but i really enjoyed this doujin. I was hoping for another ending but i think it ended really good. I was thinking for a moment it would be more serioursly or something but it was sweet and something i didnt expect on a right amour of sweetness. I loved the comic in this and small Sasuke and Naruto just made it better to see where the timeline was. Im glad to see every bit of your art, it almost look like the original with a hint of original style which did it much more great. The best thing is this is like the ONLY ObiKaka doujin i ever seen, there isnt many of theese loveable things and im glad you made this. I love every bit of this. to critique this would maybe be... oh its hard to find anything. Well ill just finish it here, i think its perfect.
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well this will be my second DAcritique. funny how both are for you ^^

I always find it difficult to critique on the vision, i don't know if it reflects a Theme or Idea well >< ... what would the Theme be? friendship? love? ... in that case, yes it does reflect it really well. it's believable, you can relate to the story. Love doesn't appear in a mere second it has to grow; which is what you showed here. Obito and Kakashi liked each other for YEARS! and they never told each other until they were 18. this is how things generally go. when you fall in love with your best friend you don't blare a love confession, no, you worry. because admitting your feelings could mean losing him even as a friend. (been there XD) and i think you portrayed that worry quite well. Neither Kakashi nor Obito thought of confessing at the start, they struggled with themselves but they'd never say it out loud. not that soon anyway. so well done!

for Originality.... god, you know i'd give you a high rate! XD this is THE FIRST Obikaka doujinshi i ever had the pleasure of reading. just THAT would entitle you to Originality-trophy of the year.
And not only that but the way the story proceeds. the way you kept Obito alive; your version was creative and believable. it could have happened like that in the real thing. -and i wish it had- and Obito is one creative bugger with you lol the way he very slowly pushes Kakashi, creeping himself closer and closer into the man's plastic bubble is just amazing. it fits his personality in my view. Obito is a difficult character to portray simply for the reason that he doesn't appear a lot. a lot of people either make him scarily similar to Naruto or somehow let his personality make a 180 turn and make him similar to Sasuke. but i like the way you portray him; he's blunt but not too blunt (like Naru.) he sneaks a bit more and argues with himself (like Sasuke). you found a midway, and i like this version of him a lot.

For technique, like you said; we can see your progress. we saw how you struggled with some characters at the start and along the way grew custom to them and made your own version. like Kakashi i lost count of how many times you admitted you cursed him and we could see you struggled sometimes but further on he seemed a lot easier for you to portray. especially his emotions. thanks to his appearance Kakashi is a master at hiding his feelings; so drawing them is just as (if not more) difficult. but you did great! we could tell how he felt even if he hides 24/7. same with Minato and Rin; you got better with them with every page that passed. with Obito.. i don't know; weirdly i always found him to just flow on you pages like he was so easy for you to draw. of course with him i also saw change and you got better at drawing him as well but i just always found him to be really good; drawn by your hand.

now Impact; did the story provoke emotions on our end? ... Hell yeah! god... i got so caught up in the story it was amazing. i knew how the characters felt and i could feel all the struggling and sadness, happiness...anything. all the feelings the characters felt; they were just so well portrayed, and everything helped with that. you made everything fit like a glove; emotions, expressions, scenery, actions.. they all went a long with one another. and it result in a great story. a great story that caught all of us to follow it from beginning to end. nagging you for more every single day. ^^

more proof how much we loved it XD i honestly am really excited to see how the sequel will go.
i'm not the type of person to give a top rating; it's like you say yourself "there is no such thing like perfection, there's always room for improvent."
so i didn't give you 5 stars every time =) don't worry about it! i still loved it.
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RiddleWraith Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
This was the best thing ever. :) I've liked this pairing for awhile but I could never find a freaking doujinshi until yours. I LOVE it. Thank you for this. Btw, you're an expert at making a person cry. >_> Just so you know.
elizarush Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014
aw, thank you very much! and sorry for making you cry, heh. glad to hear you liked it. =)
SterekNaruSasuHPDM Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
Is there going to be a sequel featuring NaruSasu? Just curious since it hinted at the pair?????
elizarush Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
There was going to be a sequel with it but I got occupied with real life stuff and was in the middle of working on another comic so long that I had to leave it drafted. :/
SterekNaruSasuHPDM Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014
ok, I was just wondering. Thanks for letting me know! :)
Mystogan45 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
I have been reading this doujin while it was going on. Looking back it was actually my first encounter of this ship. And I love it soo soo much! I wish you could make more but I know you aren't going to anymore. Still, I come back to this doujin a lot and I love it still to this day
elizarush Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
aw thanks~ nice to hear that. if you want to look up what I used to do after this comic you can check out, though it's not active anymore.
KemenceiVivi Featured By Owner Edited Jun 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I very liked it :) I'm a big fan of KakaObi :3 Keep it up! :)
SakuMulti Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
I'm not gonna lie, this is one of my first encounters with ObiKaka and I'm so glad it was. This doujin was amazing, though it may be a bit old now. If I had the chance I would try and pick it up at a convention or something because it's so cute and just everything about it was great! The way it was drawn, the way they were characterized, and the way the story flowed, it was all amazing.
elizarush Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
oh, thank you very much! glad that your first encounter with this ship was a positive one. =) aw, I wish I had the time and energy to fix some (most) of the pages bc I would definitely put it up as a book if I could. But hey, at least you can read it here. Thanks again!
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